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Towing RV Laws in CA

RV is a recreational vehicle that has everything inbuilt from kitchen to bedroom. Like other vehicles, these vehicles also need towing. Towing Squad offers the most professional towing solutions. Different states have different RV towing laws.

As Per The CA Law of RV Towing:

  • Height and Length: The maximum length of RV must be 14 feet. This law is valid for any kind of RV. When you measure the height of the RV, remember to measure the height including the antenna, air conditioner and vent cover. The maximum length of tow vehicle, fifth wheel or travel trailer in CA is 65 feet with a width of 102 inches.
  • Lights: Fifth wheels and Travel trailer are required to have running lights. This will help in turning the signals. Other drivers on road will understand the Towing of the RV as they are much larger when compared with car. The running lights will let other drivers know that you are pulling a trailer. This will avoid accidents and road mishaps.
  • Weight and Doors: If towing more than 1,500 pounds, you must have breakaway switch and trailer brakes so that the trailer can be released in emergency. People in California cannot ride in the towed trailer but can in the fifth-wheel trailer. A Camper in which someone is riding must have an unlocked and unblocked door. The door should be opened from inside and outside as well.

Above are some of the laws of towing RV. The owner of the Roadside assistance providing company must follow these laws or else if he don’t than he can be punished by the state of California

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